Take a stand to choose children in 2018 

Early Childhood Development Matters

Early childhood care & education is essential to every kid’s well-being and success:

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Better Education

Kids who receive early childhood care and education do better in school, are more likely to attend college, and are ultimately better prepared for the workforce.

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Healthy Development

A baby’s brain develops over 1 million new neural connections per second in its first year, absorbing new knowledge like a sponge. Healthy brain development provides the foundation our children need to be successful.

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Strong Economy

Children who attend early learning programs have higher rates of employment and home ownership as adults. A 10% increase in preschool enrollment in Los Angeles alone would result in $10.8 billion more dollars into our economy.

CA Voters Want a Children’s Governor  

of Californians believe our next governor must support greater investment in our youngest children

California’s next governor must take immediate, decisive action to invest in our young children, and prioritize early childhood care and education during the first 100 days of their Administration and beyond.

Choose Children 2018

Our campaign is on a mission to educate every major candidate for governor on the importance of early childhood care and education. Our next governor must make ECE more accessible, affordable, and of higher quality for all children.

Take a stand to choose children in 2018